[UPDATE] v42 - Major changes update

I'm pleased to tell you BabyDinoAdventures got updated! ๐Ÿš€
Version 42 has just landed with major changes:

  • One more level (Forest-002);
  • You won't kill anyone, you'll rather save them;
  • New abilities: jump higher, and run faster;

Here is a list of all new changes that version 0.0.42 brings to the game:


  • Animation issue w/ brown kitties due to a wrong position of Origin Image point on Idle animation;
  • Sleep animation issue while Hero is on a moving platform. I forgot that specific case;


  • Separated debug events into their own event sheet, and added new useful infoโ€™s: fps, CPU (in %), and GPU (in %);
  • Switched project to only use Construct 3 stable release versions;
  • Added a Solid behavior to enemiesKitties family for further uses. Disabled by default (on start of level);
  • Heroโ€™s run animation added. It rotates sprite by 5 degrees if running on the floor, and if mirrored/not mirrored;
  • Added depth sprites to the ground Tilemap to enhance background (see new level: Forest-002);


  • If Baby Dino land on a wood/tnt box and if Jump key is down, then Hero can jump/flip higher;
  • Added speed logic to Hero. Use [Ctrl] with Keyboard. Use Right triggers [R1/R2 or RB/RT] on Gamepad. No Touch control yet, Iโ€™m focusing on Keyboard & Gamepad inputs first;
  • Added another level (see Forest-002). A total of 21 levels now;
  • You no longer kill enemies, you save them;
  • Created related HUD stuff for playerEnemiesSaved: reset variable on start of level, set its position dynamically, and added HUDIconEnemies sprite icon to HUDUserMenuSprite family. Likeso, its opacity is reduced while Hero is overlapping HUD stuff;
  • Added a Total_Enemies instance variable to LayoutVariables;
  • Enhanced input controls UX for Gamepad & Keyboards: Objects player can interact with are highlighted once he overlays them, so that he understands there is an action to do. Added some input helper sprites + 2-frames animation;


BabyDino42 - Prototype.zip 704 kB
Jan 16, 2019

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