You're a dinosaur that rides a bicycle.
That's already awesome! Isn't it?
Collect steaks to feed your family.
Grab power-up items, and go as far as possible to beat the highest score.
Beware of obstacles, and... Angry kitties!

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Chiptunes by: Laffe The Fox,

- - -

Keyboard Controls

⬆️ Up arrow key to Jump

➡️ Right arrow key to Make a wheeling

Touch Controls

🅰️ A button to Jump

🅱️B button to Make a wheeling

- - -

Submit your highscore

Each time you die, the game saves your high score locally (using your browser local storage capabilities) so that each time you come to play, your highest score is still here.

If you want your best score to appear on Bikosaur's Leaderboard, you'll have to login to save your high score by entering your name and e-mail address.
Here is how to do it:

  1. On Pause or Game Over screen, tap/click on the Login button;
  2. Enter your name, and e-mail address;
  3. Tap/click the Save button;
  4. Here you go!

- - -

Bugs & Suggestions

If you find any bugs within the game or would like to suggest an idea, you may send me an e-mail.
Please, make sure to include at least one screenshot, the device/browser you're playing on, and the game version you're using. This will allow me to better understand and re-try the issue.


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