v35 - Bug fixes

Thanks everyone for playing the game, and taking time to write down your thoughts.

As said to some of you, I'm really sorry for those who were forced to restart the whole game because they couldn't move anymore.. 

Those following changes should help you get to the end of this jam entry:

  • Control improvements:
    • Press [r] key to restart current level. This should be useful if you get stuck, or if you can't move;
    • Press [m] key to mute/unmute all sounds (sfx, and music);
  • Bug fixes:
    • Controls are now enabled if a rock collides with another rock;
    • It's not possible anymore to push a rock to a reverse direction. Rock should now move to the direction the ghost is facing;

A huge thanks to GBJAM moderators for allowing me to update the game even if submission period has ended.

Have fun, guys!
– Antoine

P.S.: Care about your friends ♥


aGhostStory_v35--stable_html5.zip 3 MB
Aug 28, 2019
aGhostStory_v35--stable_linux32.zip 83 MB
Aug 28, 2019
aGhostStory_v35--stable_linux64.zip 79 MB
Aug 28, 2019
aGhostStory_v35--stable_mac64.zip 107 MB
Aug 28, 2019
aGhostStory_v35--stable_win32.zip 73 MB
Aug 28, 2019
aGhostStory_v35--stable_win64.zip 77 MB
Aug 28, 2019

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