You play Bernard, a naked hermit crab, lost in a polluted sea where waste can be used as shells.

Solve puzzles, avoid obstacles, and guide Bernard to his beloved crab family.

This game was made for LowRezJam 2022, and has been done in 15 days during my free time (approximately 2-3 hours per day).

I didn't really got enough time to complete my 30 levels goal, but debugged a lot instead. You might still find some glitches here and there. I'll probably update the game with bugfixes and additional levels later after the jam voting period.

I went to Bretagne (France) this summer for two weeks and watching hermit crabs on the beach gave me this game idea. Hermit crab is translated to "Bernard l'hermite" in French so yes that's why I named this game "Bernard". ^^

Ratings & feedbacks are very much appreciated as usual!

 Thank you for passing by and I hope you have fun.

Oh, please.. Post a screenshot of the ending screen with your favorite shell.. 🤭 ♥ 

 — Antoine, aka SleepingPanda


Keyboard (QWERTY)

Jump Spacebar, Up arrow key, or W
Stop moving S, or Down arrow key (release key to move again)
Restart current level R

Keyboard (AZERTY)

Jump Spacebar, Up arrow key, or Z
Stop moving S, or Down arrow key (release key to move again)
Restart current level R


Jump A, or B
Stop moving Direction pad down (release key to move again)
Restart current level Select/Back/View button


Jump Double left click
Stop moving Hold left click (release to move again)
Restart current level R keyboard key

Touch screen

Jump Double tap anywhere on screen
Stop moving Tap anywhere on screen and hold (release to move again)
Restart current level Not possible yet


Code, & Art: Antoine Guédès, @__sleepingpanda

Music & SFX: Mickael Blum, @BlumMickael

Font: Chunky Monkey, by @damienguard

Color Palette: SuperFuture25, by @ENDESGA

Tools: Construct 3Aseprite, and Famitracker


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Congratulations on making this game ! I've played your game during a live that you can watch here :

The live is timestamped so you can go directly to your game.

I hope the feedback and live reactions will be useful. Keep it up !

Very cute and fun game!


Thank you very much, Georgio! 🥰

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My favorite shell is the jam jar! It reminds me of the Ipecac item from Binding of Isaac. Cool game, had fun!

Such a shame I haven't played Binding of Isaac yet.. That's probably the best time to do so. I need to have a look to this "Ipecac" item, then ^^

So glad you had fun with the game. Thank you for the screenshot, for playing, and for the good vibes! I see you're a jam fan, hehe 😁

Pretty cool game. Nice work!

Thank you very much for playing & these good vibes! 🥰