v0.0.9 โ€“ A/B Buttons, 2 new styles, and more..

Hey, folks! 

Here it is.. A major update of the template with following improvements:

  • Switched project orientation to Landscape
  • Added A/B buttons
  • 4 different styles for arrows, and buttons (2 previously)
  • 2 different sizes of object background: large, and small (1 previously)
  • Possibility to hide objects background
  • Improved the demo project with new features

I also updated game page with new screenshots, and cover.

All source files are still included in downloadable package, as for initial release.

v0.0.7 is still downloadable in case you wish to work with this version.
If you already added v0.0.7 into an existing project and want to update with v0.0.9, then I'd suggest you to reimport everything.
It should be straightforward with a few copy/paste.

Hope this template might help you.

โ€“ Antoine


dpad-009--stable_source-files.zip 121 kB
Jul 08, 2019
dpad-009--stable_html5-demo.zip 260 kB
Jul 08, 2019

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Nice work, I like the different configs and retro style.

Thank you, man! Glad you like it. :]