You play POCA, a thief rabbit.
Steal all carrots in a level to exit. Alternatively collect all gems (10 currently).

This game was made in two weeks (approximately in 25 hours) for the aJamAboutTime gamejam. Optional theme was "Escaping Fate".

We tried our best to build a fun short one button platformer following some good old retro style.


Keyboard (QWERTY and AZERTY compatible)

JumpSpacebar, Up arrow key, W or Z
Restart levelRight, or D
Show/Hide Debug ConsoleI


JumpAny button


Jump Click any button

Touch screen

Jump Tap anywhere on screen


Code, & Art: @__sleepingpanda

Composer & SFX: @BlumMickael

Fonts: @damienguard

Color Palette: Pear36, by @PineTreePizza

Tools: Construct 3Aseprite, and Famitracker

Ratings & feedbacks are very much appreciated as usual!

Oh.. And please, post a screenshot of the ending screen with your best time â™¥ 

 Thanks a lot for playing! 

 — Antoine, aka SleepingPanda


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Development log


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Franchement, c'est un super bon jeu, j'aime bien le style graphique, les pixel arts sont trés beaux ðŸ˜„

Un tout grand merci pour les compliments, Tanguy. Ravi que le jeu te plaise. ☺️

very clover :)=


This rabbit is oddly familliar...


Yes, it's a tribute to "Nabbit" from Mario games


Fun little game! :D

Thank you for playing, and glad you liked it! :-)



Yeah this Game rocks 

Thank you! This means a lot, really! <3


Great game !!

Thank you for playing and thank you also for the video! It is very much appreciated! Glad you enjoyed the game <3

Good job !

Thank you! :-)

I may have died in every way conceivable, but 10/10 gems!


You got all gems, and that's the most important.. (to you 😜) 

Haha, thank you very much for playing and sharing your score! 🥰


Really enjoyed it! The sliding level door my fave.