Here we go, Frosty!
20 short challenges awaits you in this glacial cute puzzle game.

Eat some fish to help you grow.
Throw/spit them to jump, land on icy platforms, and reach your beloved igloo.

This game was made for the GBJAM 8.
We tried our best to build a fun game following the GameBoy limits, and restrictions.


Keyboard (QWERTY and AZERTY compatible)

Move Left Left, A, or Q
Move Right Right, or D
Eat a fish X, N, or K
Throw/Spit a fish C, M, or L
Enter a door Up, W or Q
Restart current level R
Pause/Unpause game Escape, Enter, or Spacebar
Mute/Unmute music J


Move Left Left direction pad
Move Right Right direction pad
Eat a fish A
Throw/Spit a fish X
Enter a door Up direction pad, or Y
Restart current level B
Pause/Unpause game Start button
Mute/Unmute music J (keyboard key)


Code, character & SFX: @__sleepingpanda

Art & Animation: @helpcomputer0

Composer: @BlumMickael

Fonts: @damienguard

Tools: Construct 3, Aseprite, DefleMask, and Bfxr

Ratings & feedbacks are very appreciated!
Oh.. And please, post a screenshot of the ending screen with your best time ♥

A devlog should follow soon.

Thanks for reading this far!
— Antoine, aka SleepingPanda

Development log


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really cute and fun game :) No windows build ?

Since I was in a rush for the jam, I didn't really want to spend time on native exports. But now that it ended, I can provide a Windows build ofc.

If you can I'm glad because I love to play on the go without internet neither browser....


how much money did you get from supporting and how many downloads ?

As of today.. Here we are. ^^


Wow good!


Simple but very addictive. Congratulations!
I'm currently blocked on screen 14.

Thanks for share!

Thanks for playing!

Level 14 introduces a new logic for breakable ice blocks.
If break the bottom one in a stacked group, it will make fall all others.

I did a screenshot, and hosted it on my website (in case you don't want to be spoiled) : Level 14 Solution


any chance you could release the cp3 file? I want to know how you did some of the mechanics!

Yeah, the whole game is based on the jump mechanic. That was tricky to develop but I'm very pleased to see it works, and that people enjoy it.

I asked the team and they agree to share our source code, so I'll share source files after the jam voting period ends via a devlog post.

Thank you for playing, btw! <3


Got stuck in a pit on level 6 with seemingly no way to get out. Cute game, though.

If you got stuck, simply press the R key to restart a level. It's all about the puzzle concept to get enough fishes and not get stuck, or die. Note that if you die, current level will restart automatically.

Good luck, and thank you very much for playing! It means a lot (-:

once you figure out how to eat the fish just perfect this becomes an adorable cute adventure

Haha yeah it's all about catching enough fishes, and sometimes at the right place or the right moment :-D

Thank you for playing, btw!


and thank you for making such a cool game