[v70] Major Update

Enjoy a new free major update!
It includes changes from past 2 months..

I'll post a detailed devlog in the upcoming days.
Now, I'll have some rest.. Haha



BabyDino70--stable-debug_html5.zip Play in browser
Jul 21, 2019
BabyDino70--stable-debug_app-win64.zip 76 MB
Jul 21, 2019
BabyDino70--stable-debug_app-win32.zip 72 MB
Jul 21, 2019
BabyDino70--stable-debug_app-mac64.zip 104 MB
Jul 21, 2019
BabyDino70--stable-debug_app-linux64.zip 78 MB
Jul 21, 2019

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