November 2019 Post-Mortem

November is already over, this means I come up with a new monthly video that shows my progress so far on Baby Dino Adventures development during last month.

And.. What a month!

I reached 1k followers on Twitter. 300 on Instagram, and we even made it to reach my 1st Patreon goal of 20$ per month. This is amazing!

In the meantime, I also booked my stand (which will be the K one) for next 1UP Conference during 21-23 February next year. So, I confirm I will be there, and yes, I'm carefully preparing the new demo for this special event. For those who can't assist it, the demo will be available on right after the conference ends.

Again, thank you so much to all of you!
For your amazing support, and good vibes.
If I'm here today, this is because of you.


That said, I know some of you are interested in those sort of things so..
Let's get back to what I've done so far this month. 

Complete list below:


  • Hero Fx 'Squash & Stretch' using 'pcs' family (as suggested by 'juicybeaststudio' on Instagram)
    • Function + Logic work on Hero object
    • Add this FX to other objects like enemies, npcs, and boxes
    • skymen's tip: What "mirror" actually does is set width to -width So if you want to have a squash and stretch effect when mirrorred you need to multiply your values by -1 Because setting width to something positive will un mirror it
    • André's tip: For extra control add a "dir" instance variable on player And change dir to -1 or 1 depending on mirroring This way you can just do *dir from then on instead of having to copy paste code
  • NPCs
    • Reworking existing stuff to make it as much flexible as possible w/ variables
    • keepAnEyeOnHero variable to make NPC look at Hero
    • heroCanBounce variable to make Hero bounce on NPC
    • Created new NPCs: snail, eagle, shroomGuy, temmie (big butted dog)
    • NPC Actions to set movement and animations (Idle, Move Left or Right, Die, Hide)
    • NPC Collisions (w/ tbDeath)
    • hasDialog (chatBubble logic)
    • Init NPC on start of Layout (Snail)
  • Dialogs (in v78-newFont)
    • Avatar's position is set depending on Hero/NPC positions
    • New font - Used the default GameBoy one (8x8 pixels)
    • Auto-start if hasRead is false
    • Manual start if hasRead is true
    • Allow to stop typewriter to shorten dialogs
    • Added a small arrow down sprite to show when a paragraph has ended
  • Veggie mode
    • Created a playerIsVeggie variable
    • Design assets
    • Logic to init obj


  • New Forest Tilemap (simplified, 16x16)


  • Bug 709 (from @laurentelens) - HeroFXLand isn't destroyed for some reasons when Controls are disabled

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