Cute retro-styled plateformer in which you help a baby T-Rex find his parents.
This somehow tells the story behind the 1st game I made, called Bikosaur.

⚠️This game is under active development, and is an early playable prototype with 20 levels for now. This game might change/evolve drastically with time depending on your feedbacks.


I really recommend you to play using a Xbox or PlayStation controller for better gaming experience. However it's still possible to play with a keyboard/mouse, or on touch devices.

🎮Gamepad (recommended)

Jump: A or B button
Move: Left or right analog
Enter doors: ⬆️ Up arrow key or Y button
Pause game: Start button

Jump: X or O button
Move: Left or right analog
Enter doors: ⬆️ Up arrow key or △ button<br< em=""> Pause game: Start button</br<>

⌨️ Keyboard

Jump: Spacebar key
Move left: ⬅️ Left arrow key
Move right: ➡️ Right arrow key
Enter doors: ⬆️ Up arrow key
Pause game: Escape key

At anytime, you may also:

  • Restart a level - Pause the game, then click on the Restart icon;
  • Select a specific level to play - Pause the game, then select which level you want to play using the Level Select box on the top left of the Pause screen.

More info

I mostly dev during my spare time, aside my daily work, or late at night. This means I'm not full-time working on Baby Dino Adventures for now, sadly.

Remaing tasks (before 1st release)

  • Start screen
  • Level Select screen
  • End Level screen
  • 1st boss

What's next (after 1st release)

  • More environments (Mountain, Desert, Water, Downhill, ...)
  • More bosses (One per environment?)
  • Add some power-up's or special abilities
  • Local multiplayer (co-op) support?

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