Small Update v129

Here we go for yet another update full of bug fixes and enhancements.

The co-op feature should now be stable enough for you to enjoy it up to 4 players as I have been carefully debugging and testing each bugs you sent me.

I can't say how much your help means a lot to me. Baby Dino couldn't be the game it is today without your help.. So.. Thank you again, and I hope you’ll enjoy these changes.

If you find any issues, please keep reporting them here on our Community forum or on our Discord server.

I’ll now get back to World 3 stuff, and continue working on these 10 new levels for the next content update - which is Cave.

Talk to you soon,
Antoine G.


Find below a complete list of all changes included in this update.


Bubble behavior

I reworked bubble behavior entirely, and fixed couple of major issues.

Playing in co-op should now be stable. 

Level will restart only if all players are bubbled. If at least one player is alive, then others will pop in a bubble. It is possible to pop out of a bubble while jumping or if a player is on the ground on a safe area.

It is also possible to move faster near the closest alive player while you’re bubbled by holding down the jump button.

Climb ability

I also reworked the climbing behavior, and fixed a few issues related to the recent addition of local co-op. 

Player will automatically climb a ladder/vine if he/she is falling/jumping and overlapping a ladder/vine.

If player is on the ground, idle or moving, and is overlapping a ladder/vine he/she won’t climb automatically unless he/she presses up or down buttons;

Bees behavior

Enhanced bees behavior as they were not mean to work in local co-op. 

Bees will spawn every 4 seconds (might change it later after some tests or players feedback) and follow closest player. Apart from that bees behavior remains the same: face them to prevent them from moving, jump on their head to stun them and send them back to the hive they came from.

Pea Plants

Some players reported me they had difficulties seeing pea plant projectiles so that's why I changed their color to yellow (instead of green previously). I hope this way it will be easier for these players to identify them.

Bug fixes

Player Select screen

  • Some dinos were not appearing once players join the game;
  • Players can no longer move their dinos around the screen. Dino controls are disabled on this screen;
  • Game will no longer start unless all players are ready;

Overworld Map

  • Fixed an issue where the bottom bar would not show that a player collected an egg in last level played;
  • Sometimes camera on overworld map was not updated depending on player progression;

NPC changes

  • If a level has been completed already, first npc dialog sentence is no longer skipped;
  • Sometimes NPC avatar was misplaced. Now fixed;

Level changes

  • Level 2 (Forest):
    • Replaced that crate making a weird song (thanks to Alex from Reality Blind for reporting this);
    • Added an info panel to explain players how to run at the beginning of the level;
  • Level 3 (Forest):
    • Reworked the entry level to avoid messy situations in co-op;
    • That TNT and Nitro wall was supposed to be destroyed when a thwomp collides with the closest TNT, now fixed;
  • Level 4 (Forest): optimized level for local co-op with a few changes;
  • Level 9 (Forest): reworked some level platforms so that players don’t fall through them accidentally;
  • Level 11 (Beach): Modified level a bit. Mostly added background elements and decorations when zooming out in local co-op;
  • Level 12 (Beach):
    • Replaced that heart crate making a weird song, redesigned some parts of the level for easier cooperation (thanks to Alex from Reality Blind and to our composer Mickael for reporting these issues);
    • Once crabs enter in collision, it now changes their respective direction to the opposite. End of level should be easier this way;
  • Level 14 (Beach): optimized level for local co-op with a few changes;
  • Level 15 (Beach): optimized level for local co-op with a few changes, and made some changes also on how to access secret areas;
  • Level 18 (Beach): fixed a couple of tile issues here and there in the level;
  • Level 19 (Beach): Fixed an issue where players couldn’t complete the octopus quest if they first collect the sunglasses;

Other changes

  • Removed player thwomp ability as it was causing lots of issues such as randomly blocking players from moving;
  • Green, yellow, blue, and pink baby dinos where missing a color parameter while climbing. Added;
  • Fixed water height sprite when zooming out (in co-op);
  • Fixed issues where crates that are floating on water could push solid objects around;
  • Fixed a few issues where only player 1 could use doors. Now any player can use them. Also, it is now possible to enter doors using gamepad analog stick when pushing it up (thank you Michael from Festival LaBD for this suggestion);
  • Fixed trap platform (as seen in Beach levels) issues where sometimes other players than player 1 could simply not land on trap platform and just fall through it;

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