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Baby Dino Adventures 🍼

Cute retro-styled plateformer in which you help a baby T-Rex find his parents · By Antoine Guédès 🐼


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Version 42 - Major changes update
I'm pleased to tell you BabyDinoAdventures got updated! 🚀 Version 42 has just landed with major changes: One more level (Forest-002); You won't kill anyone...
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Version 39 - levelSelect(), inputSelect() and 3 level fixes
In this new version 39 of Baby Dino, I fixed following issues thanks to Vimlark 's post: [FIXED] Some wall collision issues on following levels: Forest 001; For...
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Game page design update #1
As requested by people, I added a few high-resolution screenshots of the game and a quick gameplay video to the game page.
Version 38 - Early Prototype
Hello, World! A very early version of the game. 20 levels to try, and enjoy. Let me know what you guys think about.
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