Small Update v131

Happy New Year everyone!
I wish you all the best for this new year. ✨

It has been months that I did not release an update for the game so I thought it was finally time for me to do so, and what a better time than right now to start this new year correctly?

Well, this update doesn't contain any additional content as I have been fixing issues reported by players on our Discord server for the past months and added some small enhancements on existing features here and there.

The gaming experience should feel better, and especially for you playing in local multiplayer or online via the Steam Remote Play Together feature. Lots of bug fixes are mostly related to issues found while more than 2 players are playing together.

Thanks a lot for playing Baby Dino and your help!

I'll now continue working on this World 3 content update.
So far 5 levels of 10 are already done.

Below you can find a complete list of all changes included in this patch note:

  • All moving objects (players, enemies, npcs, collectibles, etc) are now paused accordingly when you pause the game;
  • Replaced overworld map tileset and sprites color palette with default one used by the game: ENDESGA64. Previously it was ENDESGA16 so there were less colors available which leaded us with less possibilities;
  • This stars vfx when a player is damaged is now following its related player position accordingly;
  • In local coop, if a player was dead because of water and then pop out of a bubble, this player would remain rotated. Now fixed;
  • Dino’s were not falling asleep anymore. Now fixed. Code was commented because a rework was needed. “isSleeping” variable is now on “playerCollision” object and not on “playerSprite” object as previously done;
  • Sometimes hearts weren’t positioned correctly on their related player position;
  • Do not show heart count of player on start screen;
  • Seaguls weren’t triggered with other players than player 1. Added a “pick nearest player to seagul” condition to make it work;
  • Disabled player collisions with water if a player is inside a bubble;
  • Added missing translation to texts on character select screen;
  • On player select screen, only player 1 was shown if we already selected players at least once;
  • Disabled collisions for bubbled players when they collide with a boss. This could lead to unintended boss or player damages;
  • Food icon was always showing ‘meat’ regardless of food chosen. Now fixed;
  • Some levels (like Beach - Level 15) did have a wrong total amount of boxes. So I added a function that counts automatically the total amount of breakable boxes in a level;
  • Some metal boxes that were supposed to surround the heart box on a platform in roughly the middle of the level did not spawn in correctly;
  • Input helper sprites position for doors and npcs dialog fixed. Sometimes these were shown completly off screen;
  • Triceratops attack will now only trigger when it is visible on screen to avoid having surprising attacks;
  • Triceratops should no longer start attacking while in a dialog;

See you later,
Antoine G

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