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Baby Dino (Old Prototype)

Free prototype of Baby Dino Adventures. This is an old version I won't update anymore. · By SleepingPanda


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November 2019 Post-Mortem
November is already over, this means I come up with a new monthly video that shows my progress so far on Baby Dino Adventures development during last month. And...
Devtober 2019 Post Mortem
Long time since I shared something here.. So, here is some good news about the game. 😁 For Devtober this year, I decided to get back on Baby Dino Adventures...
[v70] Major Update
Enjoy a new free major update! It includes changes from past 2 months.. I'll post a detailed devlog in the upcoming days. Now, I'll have some rest.. Haha Enjoy!...
5 files
[v60] BIG Brotaru version + Bugfixes
A quick update of the game w/ some small, but important bug fixes: Gameplay : Once an enemy dies, restart level — Since concept is "you can't kill anyone. You...
1 file
[v58] Bridge level, 'Reset Data' button, and bug fixes
A quick update was necessary since someone reported me a blocking issue on the level selection map – which I call 'Overworld Map'. As you can see on the attac...
1 file
[UPDATE] v56 - Stable update, new levels/mechanics and bugfixes
Almost 3 months after the previous version (v42), I'm back again with new stable updates. Following your feedbacks I've been very busy finding a specific niche...
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[UPDATE] v54 - Major stable update
I'm glad to tell you BabyDino just got updated to a new stable version. I worked very hard the past 3 months to improve as much as I can every aspects of the ga...
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Weekly Update #16 - Overworld map preview
I'm very sorry for the lack of updates here.. I must say I prefer spend my time on developing the game. Well, I share weekly updates too on my Twitter account...
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I'm liking the game really much, just have two things to say; 1st one: is there only 1 song? It's a cute song, but its o...
started by kawaii_otoko Apr 25, 2020
3 replies
Fun platformer. Made it all the way through and I think I only missed one or two boxes. One for sure because I didn't re...
started by Vimlark Dec 13, 2018
1 reply
cant play this properly as the screen scrolls when you press jump (spacebar) shame as it looks interesting ...
started by bigjus Dec 11, 2018
3 replies